Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a search engine for Mufti Menk‘s videos. It‘s a side project of mine, and I‘m not affiliated with Mufti Menk or his team in any way.
Who built this?
Name‘s Yazin 👋. I‘ m a software engineer from Bahrain, and I‘m building a new AI tool each weekend. This was the 2nd project on my list! Follow me on Twitter to learn more.
How does it work?
Mufti Menk‘s videos are hosted on YouTube. uses the YouTube API to fetch the videos, and then transcribes them using OpenAI‘s Whisper.
Next, we generate embeddings for each video using Sentence Transformers. We then use these embeddings to calculate the similarity between the query and the videos.
The answer is generated using OpenAI Completions, feeding the question and the top 5 most similar videos as context. Hope that‘s helpful!